Friday, August 21, 2009

Italy's SuperEna jackpot climbs to €147 000 000 millions

Record-breaking SuperEna lotto jackpot in Italy once again disappointed millions of Italians as well as foreign travellers who had crossed the border to join the hunt for the rising jackpot.

No one guessed the winning combination of the Superenalotto game and the highest prize ever offered by the Italian lotto grew to 147 million euros (£127 million).

Germans, Austrians and other foreign citizens headed into Italy to buy lottery ticket before the draw. Some of them flew into Milan for a few hours just for their chance to win italy jackpot.

Bild newspaper from Germany said 140 passengers boarded a special flight - Air Berlin jet won a phone-in contest for free airline tickets aboard a flight from Berlin to Milan's Malpensa airport.

Besides the free seats, the winners were treated to a heaping plateful of pasta, a cup of espresso and the opportunity to buy Superenalotto tickets at Milan airport.

Later , without ever leaving the Milan airport, the passengers were flying back home, "just in time for dinner and to see if they've won," said Italy private Canale 5 TV.

No one has won since January, and so the Superenalotto jackpot is Italy's biggest ever. According to Italian news reports, the biggest in Europe, as well. Draws are three times a week.

Austrians, Croats and also Slovenes living close to Italy crossed the border to try their lotto luck, the Austria Press Agency reported earlier today.

Also french visitors were driving into northwest Italy for a chance to buy and play the lotto.

Superenalotto tickets appeared to be as much popular as postcards in Venice souvenir shops.

You do not have to travel to Italy for your chance to win this dream jackpot. Just buy your SuperEna ticket online.