Tuesday, August 04, 2009

116,000,000 Euro roll-over jackpot

116,000,000 Euro roll-over jackpot - Better hire a good accountant!

Accountant - noun - a person whose profession is inspecting and auditing personal or commercial accounts.

With your bank balance about to fluctuate this week, it may be pertinent to invest in a few of these professionals!

Tuesday’s SuperEna ROLLOVER ( 4 august 2009)is at an INCREDIBLE €116,000,000! That’s followed by the “financially viable” Powerball ROLLOVER (5 august 2009)– at $138,000,000, and Friday’s EuroMillions DOUBLE ROLLOVER (7 august 2009) of €40,000,000! For EuroMillions you can choose a special supersyndicate.

According to our financial advisors, you would be able to buy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING you’ve EVER wanted with that kind of cash!

As evil as it may be, we at www.playhugelottos.com want you to feel the “dilemma” of having an embarrassment of riches!"

Best of luck when playing!