Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Euro Millions Superdraw 18 september 2009

A EuroMillions Superdraw will be (according to info given to us) held on Friday 18 September 2009. Details of this Euro Superdraw are not announced yet, but it is believed that the super jackpot will be worth €100,000,000 (aprox. £85,000,000), so if you don’t win the triple rollover jackpot this Friday 14 august, there will be plenty more EuroMillions to win soon!

The last Euro Millions Superdraw took its place on Friday 6 March 2009. Two lucky players (one from Austria and one from France) matched five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers. Each of them took €50,000,000 prize home. Whether the same scenario will happen in September, or whether there will be a single player only to scoop the entire amount, is something that everybody will be itching to find out!

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