Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 ball uk lotto syndicate win!

4 ball uk lotto syndicate win!

Congratulations to all of the e-lottery members whose syndicate had a 4-ball uk lotto win on Saturday, 1st August. The uk lottery syndicate won a total of £7,378, and each individual syndicate member has received £150.57.

The numbers drawn: 2, 6, 27, 28, 40, 49
Syndicate’s main numbers: 2, 6, 24, 28, 40

Just look at how close this syndicate was to matching ALL of the numbers drawn! If 24 had been drawn instead of 27, this e-lottery syndicate could have won over £4.5 Million! Imagine winning a share of that!

If these uk national lottery syndicate members had played on their own and matched 4 numbers in the same draw, they would only have won £70. By playing as part of an e-lottery syndicate, all of the winners have received more than double this. Because of how e-lottery syndicates’ numbers are made up, if 2 or more main syndicate numbers are matched, you will share more than one prize! So, this e-lottery syndicate had 2×5-ball wins and 42×4-ball wins, making a total of £7,378!

What a perfect example of how e-lottery really is the smarter way to play.

Best of luck to all e-lottery members for future draws!