Monday, October 31, 2011

What cars do lottery winners drive?

One of the first things that many lottery winners purchase with their hard-won lotto cash is a brand new car. Many will even buy more than one car. So, what cars are these lucky lotto winners buying for themselves?

The open road, a flashy new ride, a full tank of fuel and a mind racing faster than the new car! You’ve had your pick of any car in the world and you’ve chosen this one. How does it feel? Is it all that you thought it would be?

Hey, if you are disappointed you can always go and buy yourself another one! Finance? No problem, you are paying cash. An almost unlimited bank account can certainly help when it comes to showroom floor service…

Not many people know the feeling – a lottery winner is one of the exceptions! recently posted some interesting stats regarding the car spending-habits of lottery winners. And the results are even more ostentatious than expected!

* 13% of Jackpot Winners have purchased at least TEN cars since their win.
* The average number of cars purchased per lottery winning household is FIVE.

The top ten car brands purchased by lottery winners are as follows (in order):

1. Mercedes-Benz
2. BMW
3. Mini Cooper
4. Vauxhall
5. Land Rover
6. Range Rover
7. Ford
8. Porsche
9. Audi
10. Jaguar

I am sure that every lottery player out there would have their own thoughts about the kinds of cars that they think should have made the lottery winners list, or the order that the above cars appeared in. So why not give us your thoughts on the subject?

What dream car would you purchase if you won the lottery? Leave your comments and we will select one lucky player to receive 5 free Euromillions lottery tickets.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Lotto results 15 october 2011

Nobody was lucky last night !

So our favorite Euro Millions jackpot rolled over prize of 34 million.
Lotto results from last friday 14 octoberr
and winning numbers were as shown below.

EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot for the
Next tuesday 18th october draw size is:
€34 Million Euros!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taurus lotto horoscope and lucky numbers for Euro Millions

TAURUS April 21st – May 21st

There is nothing that you enjoy more than sitting back and watching your money grow. Your lottery fund has all the relevant checks and balances in place and you are looking forward to some serious growth in the account once SuperEnaLotto hits the ‘100 million plus’ rollover season.

Famous Taurean lottery players: Jack Nicholson & Megan Fox

Your weekly lucky lottery numbers (updated every Wednesday)

Life still seems to be on hold for you. Don't worry if you are feeling unusually possesive or jealous this month - it's just a natural cycle fulfilling itself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ARIES lottery horoscope and lucky numbers for EuroMillions


Impulsive and impatient, you will be the first one to place your entries for the next draw! The only downside to being so early with your entries is that you have to wait a little longer for your lottery results email to arrive. You love a challenge and the odds of the bigger lotteries don’t scare you!

Famous Aries lottery players: Russel Crowe & Mariah Carey

Life just got explosive for you! Try and use all that power to create stable structures in your life - not to break things down.

Click Here for Your weekly lucky lottery numbers (updated every Wednesday)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

EuroMillions Superdraw €100 000 000 tuesday 4 october 2011


EuroMillions has done it again. Another jackpot in excess of €100,000,000 is up for grabs in Europe's richest and most exciting lottery game. This announcement follows in the wake of a run of twelve rollovers that saw the massive European Lottery jackpot reach the whopping sum of €160,000,000.

Make sure you get your entries in early to avoid the late rush this Tuesday. Look out for on-site promotions to make the most out of your playing experience.

Best of luck.