Saturday, March 28, 2009

EU Jackpot 03 April 2009

Last night's €15,000,000 Jackpot has rolled over!

That means that another est. €27,000,000 will be available in the next EuroMillions draw.

That's right, there's an est. €27,000,000 (Approx. £26,000,000 or $36,000,000) jackpot up for grabs this Friday 03 April 2009.

Keep your fingers crossed for next time!

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Play Again!

Good luck!

EuroMillions results 27 march 2009

EuroMillions draw 268

Draw date Fri 27 Mar 2009

25, 33, 36, 38, 42 Lucky Stars 06, 07

Friday, March 13, 2009

Euro Millions results winning numbers 13 march 2009

Euro Millions results winning numbers 13 march 2009

Draw 266 Fri 13 Mar 09

ball 12 ball 24 ball 26 ball 36 ball 42 Lucky Star 1 Lucky Star 4

$44,000,000! It's all in the numbers...

The PowerBall Lottery has rolled over yet again and is now at a staggering $44,000,000 this Saturday!

In addition, the UK Lottery has also rolled over and will feature an estimated £5 000 000 jackpot on Saturday while Friday’s MegaMillions jackpot is at $26,000,000!

7 of your favourite numbers could take you to your 7 favourite destinations!
You could get there driving any one of your 7 favourite cars, flying any one of your 7 planes or sailing any one of your 7 yachts! And don’t forget your 7 figure bank account balance!

It’s time to stop imagining, get to and make this “dream” a reality!

Best of luck when playing!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will there be another euromillions superdraw in 2009?

Will there be another euromillions superdraw in 2009?

Yes...chances are there will be one. Last years there were 2 euro millions superdraws - one in february or march and second in september or we can expect another euromillions megadraw this autumn.

But you can try your superdraw luck every month... did you know that spanish lotto has monthly superdraws? Each with min. €84 million prize fund.

Did you know that syndicates win more often?...Join UK National lotto syndicate, Euro Millions syndicate or Spanish Super Play button below.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spanish SUPER Lotto is launched

Spanish superdraw syndicate!

Watch the e-lottery February 2009 Broadcast video below. The Spanish SUPER Lotto is launched with guaranteed prizes! Hear news of a MAJOR event on Sunday 26th April 2009 with fantastic announcements. You simply must attend this event. And there's much much more...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Euro Millions Superdraw 6th March 2009 results

There were 2 lucky winners last Euro Millions SuperDraw. They shared €50 millions each.

Draw results 265 Fri 06 March 09

ball 13 ball 17 ball 19 ball 25 ball 35 Lucky Star 5 Lucky Star 6

Next friday 13th March estimated jackpot is €15 million! Improve your chances with a syndicate.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

€100 Million EuroMillions MEGA jackpot

On Friday, 6th March, there will be a EuroMillions MEGA jackpot of €100 Million! Can you imagine winning a share of that life-changing sum? Well, thanks to the e-lottery syndicate system, you're 36 times more likely to win a share of this enormous €100 Million jackpot - that's about £85 Million!

We match BOTH 'Lucky Star' numbers - giving you 36 times better chances of winning your share of the jackpot.

But you have got to be in it to win it!

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Best of luck and kind regards