Saturday, January 30, 2010

EUROMILLIONS SUPERDRAW €100,000,000 FRIDAY 05 february 2010

It's fabulous February again, and for Euro Millions players that means one one thing, and one thing only... Superdraw time!

For the newbie players out there, a EuroMillions Superdraw is a major event that takes place twice a year. The Superdraw jackpot for February 2010 has been confirmed as €100,000,000 or £85,000,000.

That is one of the largest Euro Jackpots you will see all year. To put things into perspective, it would take the SuperEnaLotto about 68 consecutive rollovers to reach that sort of jackpot.

Owing to the fact that the EuroMillions lottery was launched in February 2004, the February Superdraw is often referred to as the EuroMillions Birthday Draw. Lottery players queue in stores all over Europe to get their tickets and the excitement always reaches fever pitch.

But you can play online

"Get your tickets early and avoid the rush!"

Playing on your own is good, but syndicates win about 1/4 of all jackpots

With a EuroMillions Syndicate you get...
  • 36 single-line entries in every draw for just £5
  • 2 less numbers to match for a win
  • 1 in 10 chance of a cash prize
  • You win even if you match only 1 Main number
  • Both Lucky Stars are Guaranteed to Match
  • 3,600% better chance of scooping Euro Millions jackpot.
  • Also available syndicates for UK lotto & Spanish Superdraws

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Online Casino & Gambling Guide

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This directory also include ratings of the best 10 online casinos provided by experienced gamblers.
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Currently top ten casinos are:

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8. Online Vegas Casino
9. Cleopatra´s Casino
10. Bodog Casino

These casinos offer bonuses from $100 to $1000 or 400%. Read reviews and choose the one that suits you best.

The online gambling industry has exploded since its inception in 1996. This business currently spans the globe and generates billions of dollars per year. With technology rapidly evolving and more players signing on daily, this market is certain to grow even larger in the very near future.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Euro Millions results and raffle 22 january 2010

There was no euromillions lotto jackpot winners last night. So jackpot rolled over and next draw 29 january est. eu jackpot will be €25 million!

Euro Millions Lottery results from last night draw 22 january 2010:

04, 22, 27, 36, 44 lucky stars 07, 09

Euromillions raffle was: WFY784128

DID YOU KNOW THAT SYNDICATES WIN MORE OFTEN and 1/4 of all jackpots were won by syndicates? Click below to play in our special euromillions syndicate. Both lucky stars are guaranteed to match in every draw!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Euro Millions winning strategy for 2010

What is the one thing you must not forget?

Make sure you are in it to WIN it...

You must not forget to play this Friday January 22, 13 million GBP EuroMillions game. Can you picture winning a share of that life-changing sum?

You can't buy an e-lottery syndicate entry at the newsagents!

By playing in an e-lottery syndicate, you will receive a share of all the winnings from 36 single-line entries, and you are GUARANTEED to match BOTH lucky stars. That increases your chances of scooping a share of this huge pot by an amazing 3600%.

More chances to win

Did you know that you can also play in more than 1 EuroMillions syndicate?

Even if you are already playing, why not join an extra syndicate to increase your chances even more?

Simply login to your back office and select 'My Details' then 'Syndicate Subscription' and choose your LUCKY NUMBERS.

Don't sit at home on Friday night and wish you had have increased your chances by 3,600%

"Enrol me now so I don't lose out on this 13 million GBP rollover jackp0t"

Make sure you get in quick before the entry deadline:

6pm BST (GMT+1) on Friday, January 22

Get in there now before it's too late!

let me play now!

Payment options

best wishes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

125 000 000 Euro rollover january 2010

We would like to introduce you to two best friends, Dave and Eddie.

Dave and Eddie were brought up 2 miles from each other and have been best friends for the last 40 years... Last year their lives took two very different directions when Dave took part in, and won one of the lotteries available at Eddie didn’t.

Dave is now happily married living in his penthouse suite whilst Eddie is currently single and continues to live with his parents. Dave lives a regret-free, stress-free life whilst Eddie lives his life riddled with regret and wakes up every morning thinking “if only…”

Don’t make the same mistake! Jackpots on offer this week include –

€125,000,000 SuperEna Jackpot tomorrow
$86,000,000 MegaMillions Jackpot, also tomorrow
$51,000,000 Powerball Jackpot on Wednesday
€15,000,000 EuroMillions Jackpot on Friday

Best of luck when playing!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

UK National lotto rollover 16 january 2010

There is another UK National lottery jackpot rollover for 16th january 2010 estimated £7,000,000.

Best of luck when playing!

Did you know that syndicates win more often?

With a UK National Lottery Syndicate you get...
  • 44 entries/lines into each UK Lotto draw for just £5
  • According to Camelot 1 in 4 jackpots are won by syndicates
  • 1 number is Guaranteed to Match in every draw
  • 733% better chance of scooping UK lotto jackpot.
  • Also available syndicates for EuroMillions & Spanish Superdraws

Euro Millions results and raffle 15 january 2010

There were 2 lucky euromillions lotto jackpot winners last night. Each of them won approx. €25 million!

Euro Millions Lottery results from last night draw 15 january 2010:

11, 26, 29, 49, 50 lucky stars 4, 7

There was one lucky jackpot winner so new estimated jackpot is €15 million.

Euromillions raffle was: VFP866401

Monday, January 11, 2010

121 million euro rollover superdraw 2010

Festive season over for another year? Make every day a celebration with!

And what better way to celebrate than with an extra €121,000,000 in your account? Sip on champagne in Paris, dine on caviar in Monaco – you are one entry away from turning your life into one big adventure!

This week’s joyous jackpots include the following –

Blissful €121,000,000 SuperEna Jackpot tomorrow
Delightful $60,000,000 MegaMillions Jackpot, also tomorrow
Cheerful $30,000,000 Powerball Jackpot on Wednesday
Exuberant €55,000,000 EuroMillions Jackpot on Friday

A toast from – to you and your jubilant future!

Best of luck when playing!