Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Celebrity Servant

Here at weve created a world where money is No problem  much like if a person won any of your jackpots on offer!

A person wake up in the Playboy mansion, which features changed ownership and is actually YOUR Playboy mansion. Your own good friend Hugh has created a deal with you actually and has left many of his accessories behind.

Firstly, you need to fit the bill, and your personal beautician David Beckham has an individual dressed for success. You actually call your accountant, Michael Douglas  the man to know Wall Street inside out there  and he assures you that you can pleasantly buy anything you possess ever wanted. Taking in which into account, you ask your good friend Jack port (Nicklaus) to design you the worlds greatest golf program.

Your chauffeur Michael Schumacher is on life, as is Pilot Bob Travolta. Johnny Depp and his awesome crew are ready and waiting on the luxury yacht. Back at the show place, your gardener Martha Stewart has her do the job cut out making confident the garden is in immaculate condition.

Breakfast, and in fact all your meals is delicately prepared by Jamie Oliver and the in-HOUSE doctor Hugh Laurie informs anyone that your stress degrees are at an most-time low! Your new personal masseuse, Jennifer Aniston, looks like it's doing a fantastic task!

To keep you within top condition you get hired personal trainer Arnold Schwazzeneger, who often even takes over coming from Russell Crowe as your current bodyguard. Your status throughout the world is growing, and this really is in no small element due to your publicist - Oprah!

As a super wealthy individual living your dreams, what else do you need done on an everyday, weekly and/or monthly basis? And who does one get to do this for you? Which superstar would you include in your lifetime, and what would his/her duty be?

Impart us with your thoughts and you could win a one thirty day period bundle! The most entertaining/original idea, while selected by, will win the winning prize. The competition ends within the 28th Feb 2011 and the winner will be notified, and announced the using day.

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