Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UK lotto + EuroMillions syndicate

"1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by syndicates"
Source: Camelot UK National Lottery

You Play We Play is the only online syndicate system offering a separate Lotto syndicate, EuroMillions syndicate and Thunderball syndicate to all its members.

• Unlike all of their competitors, there are no subscription charges. Registration is very fast, easy and free.  You only pay to play at the frequency you choose.

• Unlike all of their competitors, you can select your own numbers so you have total control. Of course, they have Lucky Dip facility for more in-decisive!

You Play We Play consists of Syndicates of upto 50 lines.
Increasing your odds of winning a substanial prize.

Payments options
  - PayPal
  - Bank Transfer
  - International Bank Transfer
  - Cheque By Post
"There are almost 14million different number combinations in the uk lotto draw. By buying 14,000 different tickets , the chances of winning the lotto
jackpot are reduced from about 1 in 14million to 1 in 1,000"

Source: The Sunday Times
Compare how are your odds increased

Match You Play We Play
odds (1 in x)
UK National Lottery
odds (1 in x)

6 main numbers 279,676 13,983,816

5 main numbers
plus bonus number
46,613 2,330,636

5 main numbers 1,110 55,492

4 main numbers 21 1,033

3 main numbers 1 57

See how much  you get , example based on £34 over 4 weeks.

You Play We Play National Lottery
Entries into Thunderball 200 4
Entries into Wed UK Lottery 200 7
Entries into Fri EuroMillions 200 8
Entries into Millionaire Raffle 200 8
Entries into Sat UK Lottery 200 7

1000 lines, equivalent
to 3.4p each
34 lines, equivalent
to £1 each

Remember: you have total control of the way you play. From  numbers you select, to draws you enter.

No min. spend. No fee. No winnings deductions . No hidden costs. No contract. No small print.