Friday, January 14, 2011

50 tickets for price of 2

Do you play Euro Millions lottery and would like cheaper tickets and more chances to win?

Here is my tip:

1. advantage: One line will cost you 0.05p only.
Yes. Only 0.05p for a line!

2. advantage50 chances per draw!

3. advantage: You can even play for FREE!

You don´t believe me? It is real and simple.

Register for free with . This company runs lottery syndicates.

There is 50 people playing in each syndicate, that means you play 50 different number lines every draw. So you have 50 chances to win. Ticket prize is €2.50, but because you have 50 different tickets,  one will cost you 0.05p.

- Choose your own numbers
- You choose when to play and when not
- Play EuroMillions, UK National Lottery and one of them, all, or none.
- Tell a friend and play for free
- Use special Facebook built in application to invite your friends
- Become a partner and build an income from your home

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