Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lottery Green Card Books

  1. Michael Faro, Michael M. Faro / Kevin Walton - 2010
  2. Win the Green Card Lottery! the Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to ...
    Marybeth Rael, J Stephen Wilson, T Daly James - 2005
    Now in its fourth year, this inexpensive guide provides over 20 crucial tips and essential guidelines to help eliminate common mistakes throughout the process, plus an entire chapter devoted to lottery winners.
  3. Win the Green Card Lottery!: Maximize Your Chances of Being ...

    Marybeth Rael, J. Stephen Wilson - 2002

  4. John K. Kananda - 2007
    This is a true story by Martha, a Kenyan High School graduate.

  5. Ilona Bray, Loida Nicolas Lewis - 2012
    "A step-by-step guide to obtaining U.S. residency by various non-work related means, such as political asylum, the visa lottery or a family member"--Provided by publisher.
  6. Win the Green Card Lottery! The COMPLETE Do-It-Yourself Guide, ...

    Marybeth Rael and J. Stephen Wilson

  7. Ilona Bray - 2011
    Additionally, each qualifying country within each region is limited to no more than 7% of the available lottery green cards per year (or 3,850). Because the method used to select winners of the diversity visa is a random drawing, it is popularly ...

  8. Clinton Jones - 2005 
    A pocket guide to entering and winning the United States diversity visa lottery and winning your Green Card.
  9. The Insider for the US Green Card Lottery: Do It Yourself - Apply ...

    USGCRS Organization - 2011
    Do not let this happen to you, especially if you are sending your US Visa Lottery application from outside the USA. This book will teach you how to do it the right way.

  10. Matthew Strawbridge - 2006
    Green Card Lottery 1994 May Be The Last One! THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. The Green Card Lottery is a completely legal program giving away a certain annual allotment of Green Cards to persons born in certain countries.