Monday, November 19, 2012

Buy Ticket and Play 2012 ElGordo Christmas Lottery Online

Lottery fans from best lottery ticket operator will be joining in a tradition when they participate in the rich El Gordo Navidad superdraw. Spanish lotto fans have been enjoying their annual Christmas draw since 1812.


Here are some good  reasons to take part in the spanish Navidad draw:

- You have a huge 15% chance of winning a prize
- Winnings are always paid in tax-free lump sum
- The prize fund consists of an absolutely amazing €2.5 billion

With such a huge prize fund it’s no wonder that spanish El Gordo Navidad is considered as the biggest draw in the world!
Remember, none of players pick their own numbers in the Navidad Sorteo. This lotto draw works in the manner of a raffle where players purchasing their pre-numbered tickets (each ticket has a 5 digit number). As many lottery tickets are printed with the exactly same number it is very common that entire towns share in the massive winnings.

This prize draw is quite an occasion and it is often going on for many hours. 1 ball containing a 5-digit number is picked up from one barrel and an associated ball with relevant prize amount is then picked from a 2nd barrel. School children then sing out the chosen winning numbers on live television.

It is therefore possible that tickets for this draw can run out and become unavailable very soon. We urge all lottery players to purchase their El Gordo Navidad tickets as soon as possible to avoid their disappointment.

To welcome this amazing annual draw to the website we are offering a special Lottopoints promotion. For this November, as an introductory offer, we'll be giving massive 1,200 LottoPoints for every El Gordo de Navidad ticket purchased. On 1 December, the normal LottoPoints value of 800 per entry purchase will come into effect.
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