Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Lottery Millionaires Do Next

Ask anyone what they would do after winning the lottery, and they would probably said: “Quit my job.” But according to a new UK study , almost a fifth of lottery millionaires actually carried on working.

Only 59 percent of them gave up work.

The study of spending and investment of the 3 000 lucky lottery players was launched in 1994 and also revealed that these winners created a further 3 780 millionaires among their children, family and friends.

The research discovered that an Audi was the most popular car among these 3 000; that America was a favourite holiday destination and almost 30% had a Jacuzzi at home.

They bought 7 958 homes, 17 190 new cars and also 300 caravans.

This year Adrian and Gillian Bayford became  516th richest people of Britain after £148m EuroMillions jackpot. Mr Bayford is back at work at his music shop.

While Mr Bayford returned to his work because he wanted to “get back to normal”, another lottery winner returned to his McDonald's job because he missed it.

Luke Pittard, winner of £1.3m National Lottery in 2006, after buying  him a new home and funding his wedding he returned to work. “I loved working at McDonald's and I'm really enjoying being there again,”