Monday, October 29, 2012

EuroMillions lottery brand attacked by hackers

 A hacking group calling themselves the "Moroccanghosts" hacked the French EuroMillions lottery website on last Sunday, leaving a message in both French and Arabic languages denouncing gambling as the "work of the devil".

The hacker´s messages appeared in Arabic and French languages and blocked the lotto homepage of the lottery in France. The hackers called themselves as "Moroccanghosts."
They promted people to immediately quit gambling, saying it was the work of devil along with alcohol.

Gambling and alcohol are forbidden things in Islam.
France has a population of 65 million and including about four million of Muslims is the largest Islamic population in western Europe.
The EuroMillions lotto, launched in 2004, is now being played by 9 countries across Europe: Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland and Luxembourg and Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.
This tuesday 30 october, there is 101 million euros to be won in a EuroMillions jackpot.