Thursday, September 27, 2012

£1m for gangster's moll

A EUROMILLIONS jackpot winner is the famous widow of an organised crime boss — and also aunt of a self-styled “psycho” serving life for a gun murder that lately chilled Britain.

Mandy Burgess, 42 — whose nephew Kiaran Stapleton shot a student dead in the street for kicks — was among the lucky 100 who each scooped £1million in this year Olympics draw, The Sun can reveal.

The jubilant mum of three — who also married into a Manchester crime family that remains one of the United Kingdom’s most infamous — was on a very luxury holiday toasting her fortune.

A source said: “Mandy can not believe her luck. Like most other people she bought a ticket one day on the off chance. Now she’s on holiday — celebrating her big time.”

Ecstatic new euro millionaire Mandy, whose late husband Damian Noonan was a famous  Mr Big who ran Manchester’s underworld, lives in Salford next door to her sister Billie Jean — mum of “Psycho” Stapleton.

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