Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mysterious winner of Italy’s €147 million Superenalotto

For a man who's supposed to have merely won 147 million, Vanni Simonetti looks noticeably annoyed. It was a minute of euphoria. People declare silly things, he muttered while stocking your fridge of the most popular bar in Italy. Yet we are not the actual winners.

The barista locates himself suspect numero uno in a nationwide guessing game after he claimed to know the particular identity of the unknown man who bought a 2 ticket from his tavern and walked out a new multimillionaire.

Bar Biffi evolved into centre stage for the celebrations but the corks have stopped popcorn. As the residents of the Tuscan hilltop village are starting to realise, winning the most significant lottery jackpot in Western history can bring a problems.

Rumours are becoming more common that the Mafia is currently demanding its share an investigation in the newspaper Corriere della Sera professed that the Calabrian gang, the Ndrangheta, was seeking 30 per cent from the winnings.
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Villagers who have been celebrating on behalf with their unidentified neighbour and tease reporters with clues, have become flatly denying any expertise in his identity. The main volte-face comes coming from Mr Simonetti. Having instructed reporters that the L128 million jackpot winner was a 47-12 months-old single local man, the bar owner who happens to be 47 and unmarried spent last night evading questions and tactfully brushing off congratulations.

Well , here's another one, his associate, Anna Maria Ciampini, yelled across the bar, wave yet another begging page that had arrived every day post. Hundreds arrive every day, asking for money, Mr Simonetti told The Situations. The telephone has not stopped ringing, with telephone calls from widows in economic straits, mothers of sick children and lawyers offering their services. What can I claim? Ive had enough.

Ugo Verni, 49, the particular forestry worker who surfaced as an early favourite, has also backtracked, nevertheless he was only joking when he declared that she had the winning ticket. Andrea Barbieri, 47, yet another local named as a potential winner, insists that he did not even perform.

The Superenalotto game went 86 draws without a winner and for weeks that offered the biggest lotto jackpot in the world. 6 months of rollovers finally came to a close on Saturday. A spokesman for Superenalotto confirmed how the winning numbers were performed at Bar Biffi, knowning that no one had nevertheless come forward to assert the prize. If this jackpot is not believed within 60 days, the amount of money will go back towards the State.

There were not any obvious new millionaires observed celebrating in Bagnone the other day no one throwing fistfuls of cash close to like confetti, no gleaming new Ferraris outside some of the farmhouses. The irony is that Bagnone, a mediaeval clutter of green-shuttered private villas surrounded by orchards in addition to vineyards, appears to offer just the kind associated with dolce vita most men and women dream of after earning the lottery.

It has been quite unnerving, said Wilma Greci, who goes the cosmetics store several doors down from Pub Biffi. It is this absurd amount of money, Im worried that it will eventually attract the wrong form of person, that people arrive here with knives needing some for themselves.

She also expressed concern for the winner. All very very well if youre young, but when youre a middle-aged labourer whos expended all your life near your vicinity, what are you likely to do? Move to Birmingham and buy a residence under Big Ben? Head to Rome and live upon Via Vittorio Veneto [the actual street boasting the richest hotels and embassies]? Quick wealth like that can be really dangerous. The elderly adult men gathered in the whole village square yesterday were in the same manner animated. I would be frightened to return home, Aldo Prelati, 66, mentioned. Another pointed to Pub Biffi and wrapped his hands round his tonsils.

The mayor, Gianfranco Lazzeroni, is banking for the mystery winners civic pleasure. He showed The Times a sheet of their calculations: a donation regarding 10,000 to the village hall would help set up a sporting activities centre and boost vacation without even denting a person's eye on the ticketholders nine-digit bank equilibrium.

He was only as well happy to elaborate on the reason why he considered his village had also been kissed by fortune. It was thanks to a rock carving of a lily on one in the porticoes in the whole village centre. Legend says when you rub it three occasions it will bring an individual luck. Everyone in your village has done that, so maybe this time that it worked for one of these.