Saturday, February 05, 2011

Christmas Day Powerball lottery winner claims $48.8M jackpot

The winner of the $48.8 million Holiday Day jackpot has step forward to claim the treasure, New York Lottery representatives confirmed Thursday.

Carolyn Hapeman, a New You are able to Lottery spokesperson, said your ticket-holder came within on Tuesday afternoon to claim their prize more than a month after it ended up being sold at the Stewart's Shop at 4208 Route 50 inside Wilton, New York.

Hapeman declined to discover the winner until your verification or auditing strategy of the ticket has been finished. That process, because Powerball is a multi-state lottery, requires additional notification.

Hapeman hands no clues as in order to where they might reside, their gender or why they waited this prolonged to reveal themselves.

"All will be revealed when the time comes," she said.

A examine presentation is also currently being coordinated that will add some winner, Stewart's officials along with Yolanda Vega, a Drawing personality.

The ticket, deeply in love with Dec. 25, cost $just one. The odds of succeeding were 1 in 195 million. A laptop or computer was used to pick the winning numbers, 1, seventeen, 38, 50, 52, and also Powerball number 24.

Used annuity payments made over the 30-year period, this winner could get up to $48.8 million. In the event the winner opts for some sort of lump sum, he or maybe she could receive $all day and.8 million.

The portions do not include talk about and federal tax repayments that, under the renumeration plan, could reach just about $16.5 million. Your lump sum payment would certainly result in a mass-sum tax bill around $8.4 million.

Stewart's Shop, the seller of the winning priced, stands to be given a $10,000 extra from the Lottery.