Friday, February 12, 2010


Friday February 12, 2010, Lulu Sinclair, Sky News Online.

Another record-breaking lottery win may be on the way if a single ticket holder scoops up the £113m estimated jackpot on EuroMillions.
Kelly Brook promotes the EuroMillions jackpot

Kelly Brook adds a touch of glamour to Camelot's lottery

That would make the lucky ticket owner the single biggest lottery winner in the UK.
So is such a sum too much for one person to win?

Camelot winners' consultant Dot Renshaw says that, in her experience, the more money a person wins, the more they share with others.

"I have met people who have won lots and lots of money and what you usually find is they share it with lots and lots of people so it gets spread around.

"Generally, the bigger the win, the harder it is for the person to comprehend what's happened. I tell them to take their time, don't rush anything and remember it really is their money.

Dot seems to have seen the best side of human nature.

Liverpool syndicate members who won more than 45 million pounds on Euromillions

A syndicate from Liverpool won more than £45m on Euromillions

"Most people have a strong sense of responsibility and want to make sure their children will be well looked after and the money will make their lives better.

"Quite often someone will have fallen out with another family member before the win and that puts pressures on - will it make things worse, or better? Should they get in touch, or not? That sort of thing. We try to help where we can.

"And after they've looked after their families, winners often give something to charity, too.

One person who did just that, and a little more is Jane Surtees, who won £7.5m in December 2008 and has since used her win to help a number of charities, in particular an orphanage in Ethiopia.

"I have always been a real pushover when it comes to kids and I used to see those images of the children around the Live Aid time and wish I could do something.

When she mentioned after her win that she'd like to do something, she was quickly pointed in the right direction.

Jane Surtees with the children of the orphanage in Ethiopia

Jane Surtees at the orphanage in Ethiopia. Photo from The Sun

Her involvement with the children at the orphanage has given her real pleasure, she says, and she remains in touch.

When Jane and her husband, Mark, married last year, guests and friends donated to Make a Wish Foundation instead of giving a present. "We didn't need any more toasters for heaven's sake!"

While Jane believes in a form of karma - having been given, she wants to give back - she also very much enjoys her change in fortune.

"I'm still in the "honeymoon" period when I wake up and still can't quite believe it. But I'm enjoying myself and so are the children. I'm having a state of the art kitchen put in which is something I could not have done before.

"And a whole group of us are going on holiday with Virgin to Disneyland in April - now that's the sort of thing it would have been hard to do before!"