Friday, February 12, 2010


A regular PlayHugeLottos customer took home a substantial win after last night's Powerball draw (10 February 2010). Johann T., a resident of Pretoria, South Africa, has been playing for quite some time now and has won a number of smaller prizes in the past.

When he logged on and selected 5-8-29-37-38 as his main numbers, and 11 as his Powerball selection, little did he know that within 24 hours, one of the PlayHugeLottos representatives would be calling him to make him aware that his entry would make him $200,000 (£127,966) richer.

His number selection matched all five of the main numbers drawn, and would have raked in $20,000,000 had his Powerball number selection matched the number drawn.

While this type of win has happened on a number of occasions before, what always interests us is the perspective. The customer holding the ticket more often than not is thrilled at their good fortune, while all those around them tend to bemoan the fact that the ticket was one number short of winning millions of dollars.

Would you be happy with a second tier win, or would you spend your days regretting the opportunity that could have been?