Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It is raining ROLLOVERS!

Become a midweek millionaire this week! We have come up with a formula that we suggest you follow to give yourself the best chance of winning…

Today : pick your numbers for tomorrow’s €88,000,000 SuperEna ROLLOVER as well as the $133,000,000 MegaMillions ROLLOVER

Wednesday : Check the numbers and find out that you have just won MILLIONS, open the champagne and start deciding what you are going to do now that you NEVER have to worry about money again!

If, in the unlikely event that this doesn’t plan out, just reapply the formula using Wednesday’s UK Lottery ROLLOVER of £7,000,000 or the Powerball ROLLOVER of $30,000,000 the same day!

If, in the VERY unlikely event that you still haven’t won anything by Thursday, make sure you don’t miss out on Friday's EuroMillions DOUBLE ROLLOVER of €40,000,000!

Choose the right numbers and the world is your oyster!