Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mission Possible


Your primary mission (should you choose to accept it) – Get to Mission Headquarters and transform your life!
You will be required to uncover the world's most exotic locations, from Thailand to Trinidad. )
The journey begins in your home town and will take you wherever you decide to go.

Mission headquarters will fund your account with one or all of the following:

- A $25,000,000
PowerBall rollover jackpot this Saturday.
- A $21,000,000 MegaMillions rollover jackpot this Friday.
- The
UK lottery jackpot of around £5,000,000 this Saturday
- A €15,000,000 EuroMillions jackpot this Friday.

Fly to Paris in your private jet, set sail for the Caribbean in your own yacht, or drive your Aston Martin DBS through the streets of Monaco!
Your secondary mission: Be extremely suave and happy while completing your primary mission.