Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EuroMillions superdraw february 2009

Most people think about it everyday...

What would life be like without ever having to worry about money again?

Look at those fantastic jackpots offered this week . They are great, but in February, there is going to be a huge massive
EuroMillions Superdraw with
estimated jackpot €125 000 000
(Euro Millions last superdraw was €125 million, so we estimate that february draw will be same or even more as it is going to be the 5th Euro Millions Lottery Anniversary!!) UPDATE: It is now confirmed, that the superdraw will be in march..read more

This jackpot must be won. If nobody wins, all the money will be moved to second prize. You know what that means? More chances to win. Last time, nobody won the first prize, so Jackpot was moved down and was shared by 16 lucky people. They each received over €7 million. 16 new millionaires were created overnight during the last EuroMillions superdraw!!

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Best of luck when playing!