Friday, August 03, 2012

EuroMillions & Powerball Rollovers This Weekend

Keeping to the motto of the Olympic Games, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” the USA Powerball lottery and European Euromillions lotto are going from strength-to-strength. This is a collection of huge jackpot amounts that we have not seen in a while – just in time to compete with the world´s best athletes at the Olympic Games.

As firm fans of the Olympic Games we have enjoyed the suspense and thrill of events competed so far. This was  expected though. What we didn’t expect was to have a €176,000,000 Euromillions jackpot rolling in the background.

Would any athlete trade their Gold medal for this Euromillions jackpot win on Friday night? One can never tell the value of such things – some might taken gold, others might choose the money.

But for those armchair athletes like us, enjoying the spectacle at home I’m sure there is no question – it is Euromillions all the way!

Colin And Chris Weir Join In Olympic Excitement

If there were  doubts that the excitement of Euro Millions matches that of the Olympics just ask past winners, Colin and Chris Weir, who have gotten involved in helping an Olympic torch bearer.

Lottery benefactors, Colin & Chris Weir...
Euromillions winners

Colin and Chris, took home £161 million on the Euro Millions lottery a some over a year ago , have just  donated a 5 figure sum to purchase a new prosthetic limb for 13 year old Kieran Maxwell.

Kieran fell over whilst carrying the Olympic flame owing to his then heavy artificial limb. The generosity of Britians biggest lotto winners to date is well known after their sponsorship of young sports men from the United Kingdom.

Chris Weir said: 'When we heard about Kieran and his family’s efforts to raise money for a new prosthetic leg, we just had to help. It is a privilege to support Kieran and, with this new leg, we hope he will continue to be determined to remain active and live life to the full.'

Kieran Maxwell carries the Olympic torch...
Olympic Euromillions

Winning This Jackpot Changes Lives

Thanks to Colin and Chris Weir we are reminded that a jackpot win, like this Friday’s €176,000,000 Euromillions jackpot, changes not just your life but also help to change the lives around you.

This weekend you have not one but TWO chances to help to change the world. €176,000,000 is available on Euromillions this Friday night and an 11 rollover, $181,000,000 jackpot is on the American Powerball this Saturday!

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