Monday, May 28, 2012

Richest Pets Living The Lottery Life

These little darlings are millionaires, and they have the diamond collars, mini-mansions and designer fragrances to prove it! That’s right folks, takes a look at the world’s richest pets.
As lottery players we are of course interested in the wonderful world of the rich and famous. For some the fame is negotiable, in fact, anonymity is oftentimes a lottery winner’s best friend. The money, of course, is never negotiable!

These days wealth is not just consigned to the realm of humans. The fact is, some of the world’s wealthiest people would much rather leave their fortunes to a furry companion than to their human friends and relatives.

Behold the World’s Richest Pets has searched the globe and collected a list of the richest animals in the world. In fact, many of these animals are richer than a lot of lottery winners out there!

Gunther IV - Without a doubt Gunther IV is the richest German Shepherd in the world. His father, Gunther III, inherited a $124 million trust fund in 1992 upon the death of his owner, Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. Gunther III then left his wealth to his son Gunther IV. This poochie property tycoon bought Madonna’s old Miami mansion. The growing trust fund of Gunther IV is now estimated at an astonishing $372 million.

Kalu the Chimp - How about a chimpanzee? Kalu inherited Patricia O’Neill’s $109 million fortune to ensure her husband wouldn’t get a penny. The fortune includes a farm and mansion in Australia.
Meet Tobey Rimes, richer than many lottery winners out there...
Tobey Rimes

Tobey Rimes – Tobey wasn’t your ordinary dog, he enjoyed living a life of opulence in the New York City home he shared with his owner, Ella Wendel. He didn’t have to worry about giving up that life either as she left him $92 million upon her death.

Keiko - The killer whale that starred in Free Willy films is the richest whale on earth. His total earnings by the time of his death were estimated at $35 million.

Gigoo the $10 Million Chicken – A chicken?  Gigoo received a £10-million present from publishing magnate owner Miles Blackwell.

Trouble – Last but not least we have Trouble Helmsley. Unfortunately for Trouble, relatives of real estate baron Leona Helmsley contested her will and poor Trouble ended up with a mere $2 million instead of the original $12 million he was meant to receive.

It is perhaps somewhat disturbing that animals should be given access (even if only symbolically) to such vast sums of money. That, however, is their owner’s prerogative.

One of the most important things that money can buy a person is freedom and that includes the freedom to gift their money to whomever they may choose, whether it be a cashier that sold them a winning lottery ticket, a favoured friend or family member or even their best pooch.