Monday, February 06, 2012

New EuroMillions Jackpot cap rule

New Euromillions Jackpot Cap

Our favourite lottery, Euromillions, is making a change as to how they cap their top jackpots! Find out more about the new Euromillions jackpot capping procedure on
Euromillions is no stranger to change with at least two major Euromillions changes having taken place last year in May: the addition of a Euromillions Tuesday draw (bringing the total number of Euromillions draws per week to two) and the addition of two extra star numbers. Overall the odds of winning a prize improved from 1 in 24 to 1 in 13.

This month the Euromillions Lottery will be making a change to the way in which the jackpot cap works. For those lottery players that don’t know, the jackpot ‘cap’ is the level at which a lottery jackpot stops growing, irrespective of any further rollovers taking place.
So what is the deal with the new Euromillions Jackpot Cap?
•    On Friday 17 February the EuroMillions jackpot cap will be set at a permanent €190 million Euro
•    The new Jackpot rule will stop any two consecutive draws offering that maximum €190 million jackpot
So, if no lottery players are able to match all 7 lucky Euromillions numbers two weeks in a row, the Euromillions jackpot prize fund will be rolled down to the next highest prize tier, provided of course that there are winners in that tier, otherwise it will roll down further

Here is an example of how the new Euromillions Jackpot cap will work:

•    The Euromillions jackpot reaches €190 million after a number of jackpot rollovers

•    This capped Euromillions draw then rolls over again

•    The jackpot for the next draw will remain at €190 million Euros

•    This 2nd capped Euromillions draw is still not won the jackpot fund will be shared by lottery players at the next winning tier - more than likely the 2nd tier where the players have matched 5 balls + 1 star number tier

There you have it folks, the new Euromillions Jackpot cap which will be coming into effect shortly. We wish you all the best of luck when you play Euromillions – and here’s to you taking home all €190 million Euros!