Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to turn €300 to €1,000,000

My mission is to turn a small investment of €300 to € 1,000,000 trading forex.
You can join me and auto-copy all my trades on your account.

Here is the plan:

I aim to make about 300pips profit each month.

So click the link below and open your account with €300 (or any other currency)

Follow my trades with 1 microlot size (0.01 of standard lot)
Every year we should double our accounts.
Also every year we increase 2x our lot 1.year is lot size 0.01, 2.year it will be 0.02, 3.year 0.04 and so on.

Then, approx. in 10-12 years time we will have €1,000,000 on our accounts.

Click the following link to see my trading history and to open your account.
Or just open a free demo to test me first.

Here is the link