Friday, June 24, 2011

There is still to claim EuroMillions Millionaire raffle prize

Earlier this month, shortly after the launch of your Tuesday Euromillions lottery, the National Lottery announced that it was planning to make 15 lucky people into millionaires with its Millionaire’s Raffle game. This game is an automatic one that forms part of the new £2 Euromillions tickets. Together with each line of figures that they choose people also receive a specific code and if their own code is pulled call at the Millionaires Raffle attract they win £1 thousand. Whilst the Euromillions game is played in a number of countries the Millionaire’ohydrates Raffle is only kept in the UK.

Whilst below normal circumstances only a single number is pulled out in the drawer, lottery organizers decided to celebrate the actual Tuesday launch of Euromillions by drawing 15 numbers, creating fifteen immediate millionaires across the British isles. However, whilst there are generally twelve lucky winners within the draw who are right now undoubtedly celebrating with bubbly and luxuries there are some winners who have never claim their £1 mil prize and are almost certainly unaware that they possess even won.

Many people that purchase Euromillions – and regular lottery – tickets forget to evaluate their numbers and by the time they realise that they've already won – if they realize at all – the admission is long gone. A huge amount of money in lottery winnings goes unclaimed each calendar year, with many people ongoing to struggle along fiscally when they could are actually millionaires.

The three raffle numbers that have not yet been claimed were acquired in Haringey, Stockport and also Cannock Chase. National Sweepstakes organizers have warned the clock is ticking for these players and when they do not come frontward within the next quarter or so they will end in place losing out in their own stash of cash. Lottery organizers are urging any person who purchased tickets during these areas to check his or her lottery tickets and be sure that they don’t lose out on the cash prize of a lifetime.

One way in which people can avoid missing out on their lotto winnings is to play the games on the net rather than going out to get paper tickets. Enjoying online means that gamers can avoid the need for queuing up for seat tickets and remembering to take their numbers on. It does mean that they do not need to worry about checking the tickets, as this is done for them and some sort of confirmation email is sent out if they are fortunate enough to win anything.