Tuesday, January 19, 2010

125 000 000 Euro rollover january 2010

We would like to introduce you to two best friends, Dave and Eddie.

Dave and Eddie were brought up 2 miles from each other and have been best friends for the last 40 years... Last year their lives took two very different directions when Dave took part in, and won one of the lotteries available at www.playhugelottos.com. Eddie didn’t.

Dave is now happily married living in his penthouse suite whilst Eddie is currently single and continues to live with his parents. Dave lives a regret-free, stress-free life whilst Eddie lives his life riddled with regret and wakes up every morning thinking “if only…”

Don’t make the same mistake! Jackpots on offer this week include –

€125,000,000 SuperEna Jackpot tomorrow
$86,000,000 MegaMillions Jackpot, also tomorrow
$51,000,000 Powerball Jackpot on Wednesday
€15,000,000 EuroMillions Jackpot on Friday

Best of luck when playing!