Saturday, November 28, 2009

El Gordo 2009

El Gordo - Christmas 2009

elGordo Christmas 2009 (The Fat One). The most famous draw of the world.
Date: 22 December 2009.
Prize Fund:2.320.5 million euros (3.270 M $) in prizes

If you had the chance to play the world’s largest lottery game, and be guaranteed to win a prize, would you play? Would you take time out to dream a little - about what it might be like to have a share of 2.3 BILLION!

Now there are ONLY 4 weeks to go before this years elGordo is drawn and 2.3 BILLION is won, so reach out and get YOUR share quick - because we can GUARANTEE that you get a share.

The Christmas elGordo only takes place once a year and this is your exclusive chance to play in an e-lottery syndicate that is GUARANTEED to win.

Unlike most lotteries, elGordo tickets are issued with pre-determined numbers. This means they are limited. So once they’re all gone, that’s it. Our elGordo syndicate places will sell out, so don’t go leaving it to the last minute to join.

As a bonus all new members, (and that could be you), will be offered a very special promotional incentive to join and play in an e-lottery elGordo syndicate. Are you curious as to what that bonus might be…? We call it the “First Week Free” promotion. How could anyone resist that? And of course, there’s our “Win A Mini” promotion for you to take part in too!

The clock is ticking - Join an e-lottery elGordo syndicate today.