Monday, October 12, 2009

2 billion El Gordo must be won

YOU have a chance to win a share of €2.3 Billion in CASH. Now, what would that add to your life?

elGordo is coming, and we’ve got a way that will GUARANTEE that YOU win a share - without even leaving your home! The draw is on 22nd December 2009, but you’ll have to be quick - tickets are limited, and demand is ALWAYS high. We know that we’ll sell out! Fast.

Unlike most lotteries this draw has many winners!

There are...

  • 195 jackpots of €3 Million each
  • 195 second prizes of €1 Million each
  • 345,930 sixth prizes of €1,000 each
  • 2,600,300 (2.6 Million) individual cash prizes

That means everyone has a massive chance of winning!

That's right! By playing our way YOU are guaranteed to WIN at least 1 cash prize. Our special strategy means that your syndicate will win a prize!