Monday, September 15, 2008

€125 euro millions superdraw 26 september 2008

If you thought last week's £96 millions euro jackpot would be the biggest we'd see in a while, think again. Because coming up is a record-breaking euro millions SUPERDRAW - 26. september 2008 ... in which a truly humongous...

Twice a year, euro millions lottery holds a Superdraw... and this one, in a few days's time, will be the richest ever. And the third-biggest
jackpot payout in the whole of European lottery history!

However... the rules are different for Superdraws. Which means that should you and your syndicate - or any other entrant - not win the jackpot, you could still grab a share of the €125 million .

Because a Superdraw cannot roll over; the jackpot MUST be won on the night. But should there not be a winning ticket, the
euro millions jackpot is shared among the winners in the next-highest
prize category (5 Main numbers + 1 Lucky Star number).

So... if your luck isn't in for the jackpot, but it is in for that lower, easier-to- win prize category, you and your fellow syndicate members will bank a chunk of jackpot anyway.

If you'd love to give e-lottery a go, you're going to want to be in time for this draw in particular. Because with the third-biggest ever payout up for grabs, you simply could NOT choose a better draw with which to start playing!