Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Poker review

Poker is a very popular type of cards game where players bet on the combination value of the cards (called "hand") in their possession. They place a bet into a central pot. The pokeri winner is that one who has the hand with highest value according to a rankings hierarchy, or that nettipokeri player who remains the hand after all other players have folded. (meaning the one who makes an un-called bet.).

Pokeri has many variations. There are 3 main families of variant, grouped by the protocol of card dealing and betting:

Some of types are called:

* Stud
* Draw
* Community - Texas hold-em pokeri and Omaha poker are two wellknown variants of this Community family.

There are also ther games that use poker rankings may likewise be called to as "poker". Video poker is a computer game for one player that works much like a slot machine.

Another game with the "Pokeri" name, but with a different mode of play, is known and called "Acey-Deucey" or even "Red Dog" Poker. This one game is much more similar to Blackjack game in its layout or betting. Each one of player bets against the house, and after that is dealt two cards. To win, player must have the 3rd card dealt and must have a good value between the first 2. Payout of this game is based on the odds are possible, based on the differences in value of the first two cards. Learn more about pokeri on the Pokeriblogi.